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Funding for Further Research in Getting Cure for HIV/AIDS and Other Chronic diseases Out of COA DRUGS – PROJECT


It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you to today’s great event, the launch of a Research fund for further research on potential drugs, COA FS, COA 72, and other COA products for the cure of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases by The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission.

Nana Chair, The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission, as part of its peace mission has identified diseases as one of the problems confronting peace of humanity. Therefore the Center has scientifically developed and produced potential drugs for such diseases.

The drugs have gone through the initial stages of scientific research by the following institutions,
1. Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine,
2. Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research-University of Ghana,
3. The University of Kwazulu Natal of South Africa.

Currently, the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology-School of Medical Sciences of University of Cape Coast are conducting research into the adjunctive use of COA FS on Tuberculosis at the Masters level. This research is expected to be completed before the end of the year 2020. This research is fully funded by The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission and is estimated USD 150,000.00.

Nana Chair, you will be amazed to know that from the year 2005, the drugs have gone through various researches, development and production. An amount of over USD 20.Million has been spent on it and was funded by The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission.

It is imperative for the drugs to go through further independent research to ascertain its efficacy for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.
It has therefore become necessary for us all to come together to establish a fund that will assist in funding the further research on the drugs.

The purpose of the gathering today is to establish the research fund to enable The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission to organize further research. This research will help us to ascertain the efficacy of the COA drugs as potential cure for HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases such as Tuberculosis, Cancers, Renal Failures and others.

Knowing the purpose of the gathering therefore, I, on behalf of the Main Board and the Research Board of The Center of Awareness Global Peace Mission, humbly welcome you all to this important Press launch and the launch of the research fund.

Thank you and may the Good Lord bless us all.

Your Donations towards the Further Research in Getting Cure for HIV/AIDS and Other Chronic diseases Out of COA DRUGS are welcome!

Visit: www.coadrugs.org/donate for our donation account details and to submit Payment Proof for Acknowledgment and be recorded in our books and for your portfolio!




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  1. Please I need your hot line

      1. prostrate and colon cancers Can one treat them with COA FS?

        1. I will advise you come to our clinic at Cape Coast for proper diagnosis and medical attention.

          As you prepare to come, you can begin taking COA FS to help the healing process.

  2. I’m having the HV n Hepatitis B at the same time I just tested n found out. so how do I do now

    1. Susana, I will urge you to visit our clinic for further tests and medication.
      That not withstanding you can place an order to buy COA FS to begin with.

  3. Please can you help me with the questions below?
    1. Please is it good for stroke patients? or Can a stroke patience use it?
    2. What of a patient using catheter?

    1. Yes please, both of them can use it with the dosage below;

      To Support Treatment: – One (1) bottle finishes in 6 Days
      Take 20mL i.e. Two (2) table spoon of COA FS into 50mL i.e. Five (5) table spoon of warm water Morning & Evening One (1) hour before meals or any other medicine

  4. What about seizure….My old man keeps having repeated seizures…is it appropriate to use COA FS….?

    1. Yes please COA FS can really help improve your seizure condition.

  5. Please can you take coafs alongside with traditional kooko medicine mixed with alcohol

    1. No please, it’s not recommended

  6. May I please know if COA can heal piles (kooko)

    1. Yes it can help when you take it first, then after an hour you take your other medicine..twice daily, 12hours interval

  7. Can coa heal prostate enlargement

    1. Yes it can help. Go ahead and place your order

  8. Is the COA 72 available for those who wish to patronise it? And how much does it cost. How long does it take to flush out the HIV virus? Thank you

    1. NO please, it is under clinical trial and not yet on the market

  9. How can I get coa72 the one the cure hiv and the price

    1. Please COA 72 is still under research and not yet out for sale. Thank You

      1. Can coa fs cure chronic gonorrhea?

        1. I will advise you come to our clinic at Cape Coast for proper diagnosis and medical attention.
          As you prepare to come, you can begin taking COA FS to help the healing process.

  10. Est ce que vous pouvez traiter l’hépatite b jusqu’à guérison avec confirmation par les examens biomédicaux (disparition Aghbs, charge virale non détectable…)

    1. Oui s’il vous plaît … vous pouvez commencer à prendre COA FS … Je vous demanderai instamment de faire un test de charge virale pour surveiller l’amélioration

  11. 1. Please can COA FS cure Haemorrhage or bleeding piles?
    2. Please where can I get your balm to buy if it’s still available?
    3. Please can a type 2 diabetic patient on injection take the COA FS? If YES, How ?

    1. Hi Valentina,
      Please for Haemorrhage patient can take COA FS 1hour before any other medication or food.

      COA Balm will soon be made available, we will add to our drugstore as soon as its ready.

      The Diabetic patient will have to visit our Cape Coast Clinic.

  12. Please can it help bring back my menstrual flow which has been seized for years

    1. Yes please, there is a high possibility

  13. Please can COA FS cure bleeding pile h

    1. Yes please, you will have to take COA FS morning and evening….when taken, wait for 1hour before you take any other supporting medication

  14. Pls is COA 72 available now and it’s price?

    1. No please, its not yet ready for the market.

  15. Pls does your clinic provide ART for people with RVI

    1. No …it’s given in only government hospitals

  16. Can it cure erectile disfunctioning?

    1. Yes it can

  17. Question on the COA 72, before any of my hope is raised to a hope of a realief from HIV, according to your research, please does this medication work?
    I am sure there are other people who wanted to ask the same question.

    1. There is a pending further research required and the outcome will be known to all at the end.

  18. How can you get coa drugs and how much is one bottle?

    1. Please place your order on the website and it will be delivered to you.

  19. I have a question on the COA 72 although I hear its still under research. Before my hopes for a relief from HIV, According to the research please does the the medication work?

    1. Please the research is not complete and I am not able to disclose to you here how it works..You may learn more on our website by watching its related videos and interviews granted by Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan. Thank You

  20. Please, can someo with HIV 2 takes COA FS with assurance of lstaying healthy while waiting for COA 72? Because the ARTs gives serious complications

    1. I will advise you come to our clinic at Cape Coast for proper diagnosis and medical attention.

      As you prepare to come, you can begin taking COA FS to help the healing process.


  21. can coa fs heal gonorrhoea?

    1. For that you need antibiotics recommended by a doctor/physician….you can take coafs as an immune booster to help your healing

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