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Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan was born on the 19th February, 1966 to Mr. & Mrs. Duncan, all of blessed memory. He learnt at the impressionable stages in life through his parents that there was a mark of the Crucifix on his forehead at his birth which made them to believe that he would grow to join the priesthood. When he was growing, he realised that there was a potential in him and that he had something particular to offer to this world but could not determine what it was.

Young Ato as he was affectionately called, had his primary and middle school education at Kibi, Begoro and Assin Foso respectifully. He had his Secondary school education at Takoradi Secondary School and Ghana National College respectively. He had the opportunity to study Medicine in Russia but later deferred to study “Divine Law”.

At the age of 22, when he was teaching as a way of service to Ghana at Assin Sienchiem in the Assin North District he had the opportunity to retire into the wilderness and fasted and prayed for seven days to God for Him to tell him his purpose in this life because he was constantly contemplating on how he could serve God and Mankind. This was between 24th and 31st July, 1988. During that prayer retreat, on the 29th July, 1988, he realised that there is nothing that God has created that is more important than a human being. The least amongst humans is more precious to God than all the things He Has created put together, the sun, moon, stars, planets and everything around us that we see. It was because of Man, God created all things.

He realised also that because mankind does not love what God loves most that is why there is no peace on earth. All sins we commit on earth are negative things we do against our fellow human beings. We love material things more than our fellow human beings and that is why there is no peace on earth.

Peace, unity and reconciliation amongst the people of this world and to address pertinent issues confronting Peace became an aim and objective to achieve in life. Looking at his financial capabilities and level of educational background then, he decided to undertake a course of study abroad to acquire needed knowledge necessary for this great mission.

Nana Chairman, on the 10th November 1988, a still voice told me from within that “The knowledge you need for this particular mission was there before the world was created. You need the greatest knowledge and power that ever existed, else you can never achieve this aim. So leave home and go into the wilderness, fast and pray for forty days and nights to God who is the custodian of knowledge and who has chosen you to give you the requisite knowledge for the mission He Himself Has assigned you.” Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan saw this as a clue to the acquisition of the divine knowledge of God, which He terms “the Kingdom of God”.

Love for God and Humanity started increasing in him and he vowed to do anything possible to get a place to pray and fast for forty days and forty nights for this divine knowledge and direction for peace in this world. On the 13th November, 1988, the journey started. He gave everything he had to friends and left to Tarkwa in the Western Region of Ghana to a friend, Curtis Freeman Mensah who was then a student at the Tarkwa Secondary School. And together with another friend, Archibald Abaidoo, they accompanied him into the wilderness in search of a cave or a conducive place for the forty days and forty nights prayer and fasting retreat.

They started the journey around 3:00 pm through a route less forest until they reached a place where they could not further the journey because it was 5:20 pm. It was getting dark and he had to continue so that his two friends could go back. They left him alone in that forest with only two fertilizer sacks as his mattress, one gallon of water for the forty days retreat.

He started his prayer around six o’clock pm on that faithful day and the prayer was:

Blessed Father, whose presence none is found innocent, have mercy upon me and enlighten me with a clear shining inward light of bliss and remove all darkness within me. Fill me with the greatest knowledge and power ever descended so that I may stand worthy to execute your great and glorious duty which you have given me.

Father in heaven you are true so let me be full of truth. You are love so let me be full of love. Let me exhibit the qualities of yourself, so that I may appear before the world as the one you have sanctified. Father take my will and let your will be my will. I have come send me.

On the following day 14th November, 1988 around 3:00 pm there was a heavy downpour of rain and he found it very difficult to stay because everything around got wet and was contemplating on how he could survive in that condition for forty days. Then he heard the voice of God which said “It’s this day that I have seen that you are very brave”. God then made a covenant with him which he says he will only disclose at an International platform where all those things have come to pass. He then told him that He would give a shelter for the forty days and forty nights retreat.

He left the forest and went home and with the help of my Father, Mr. Albert Ghan Duncan, he landed on a hilltop at Adansi Praso in the Ashanti Region on the 20th November, 1988 where he continued the prayer for forty days and forty nights. After which he stayed for another seven days before he came home on 4th January, 1989. On the 22nd November, 1988 around 1:00 am when he was asleep a voice came from above which said “You are the Centre of Awareness”. He woke up and started contemplating on the meaning of that.

In the morning around 11:00 am his father and brother, Robert Duncan visited him on the mountain to see if he was alive because they found it unusual for young man at his age to take such a bold decision. He told them of the voice he heard and asked them the meaning. So the Centre of Awareness was a title given to him by my God and he chose to name the NGO he founded, The Centre of Awareness.

When he came home on the 4th January, 1988, he waited for two weeks and no knowledge descended so he went back to Akyem Nsuta in the Western Region. But this time he said to himself that if he did not receive the knowledge he was seeking he would not go home. After four days he was told that his request had been granted. He came back home and after three days he saw the heavens open and the knowledge of God was poured on him like dew. There and then he felt the presence of the Lord Jesus in himself. He therefore, entered into the school of life where the only teacher is the Holy Spirit of God.

In July, 2000, Samuel and other members registered The Center of Awareness as an NGO to spearhead Global Peace, Unity and reconciliation and also address pertinent issues confronting Peace, eg HIV/AIDS. For the past Twenty-eight years (28yrs), Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan has been studying the Divine Law. To him, TO EVERY PROBLEM THERE IS A SOLUTION, WHERE A PROBLEM CANNOT BE SOLVED, and IT MEANS THAT THE REQUISITE KNOWLEDGE OUT OF WHICH THE SOLUTION COULD BE DRAWN HAS NOT YET BEEN AQUIRED. He has acquired the requisite knowledge for a lot problems the world has no solutions to.

Simultaneously, he studied Alternative Medicine, Business Management, Administration, Organizational Development, Statistics and the Use of Ghana info for Policy Monitoring and Management.


Currently, Dr. Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan is;

The Executive President, The Center of Awareness
Chief Executive Officer, COA Herbal Centre
Head Physician, COA Health Care Centres in Ghana and South Africa
Chairman, association of NGOs in the Central Region of Ghana
President, Coalition of NGOs in Malaria, Central Region