The Executive President of The Center of Awareness, Prof. Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan has said that his research in the medical field is “just the tip of an iceberg”.

Prof. Duncan was speaking at an impressive Thanksgiving Service during which he expressed his gratefulness to God for His guidance in his successful research. He added that thirty years of research has resulted in another discovery which will rate Ghana amongst the best economies in the world.He said this will be achieved in the next six years.

“People travel from Europe, North and South America, Asia and other African countries to my COA Medical and Diagnostics Clinic for treatment of some deadly diseases not because I am the best doctor in the world but because I have something that the world doesn’t have”, Prof. Duncan said.

He stated that his health research alone can bring economic relief to Ghana as a country and Africa as a continent and posited that Ghana stands to earn twenty-four billion dollars annually.

Prof. Duncan said he was not surprised when the Alfred Nobel University from Ukraine recognized him as one of the heroes of Africa and inducted him into their Academic Council as a Science and Research Fellow with full voting rights.
Prof. Duncan recounted his journey through the research period.

He said many people doubted his ability to research and finding a potential cure for HIV/AIDS and other dreadful diseases but God did not turn His back on him.

In a welcome address, the Administrator of The Center of Awareness, Dr. Richard Nsiah-Agyeman said that Prof. Dr. Duncan has worked tirelessly in achieving the feat as the first person in the world to discover a potential cure for HIV/AIDS. He added that a critical assessment of Prof. Duncan’s medical research findings has earned him and his country Ghana international recognition.

Dr, Nsiah-Agyeman said that Prof. Duncan is currently conducting a research into Tuberculosis with one of his products, COA FS, in collaboration with the School of Medical Sciences and Biochemistry, University of Cape Coast.

In a congratulatory message read by a final year Masters in Philosophy in Infection and Immunity, Mr. Francis Obeng Brenya, on behalf of the Micro-Immuno Group of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cape Coast, Prof. Dr. Duncan was eulogized as a genius and an achiever par excellence.

According to Mr. Brenya, the group is working with Prof. Duncan on the adjunctive Immunotherapy of Directly Observed Treatment Short Course with COA FS. This study, he said, is being sponsored singlehandedly by the Professor to the tune of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

“It’s a pleasure to see you achieving the things that no one believed you could. You are amazing and one wonders if you would ever feel tired of making Ghana proud”, the message said.

The service attended by a large assemblage of people from all walks of life including The Omanhen of Abease Domenase Traditional Area, Daasebre Nana Kwebu Ewusi VII, Officer Commanding 2nd Battalion, Ghana Armed Forces, Major Emmanuel Newson and the District Chief Executive of Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese, Madam Aba Hagan amongst other dignitaries.




  1. Hello, I have followed with keen interests your exploits in the research space.
    I want to know if you could assist my sister who has been ill for the past three months.
    She feels weak and worn out some of the times and she has been given three blood infusions already.
    Korle Hospital assert their tests they carried out on her together with the symtoms is more likely pointing to leukemia.
    They have asked for a second opinion for confirmation and it’s been suggested we do that with synlab but the cost alone is a putoff.
    Can we bring her to your outfit for possible diagnostics and treatment?
    Standing by

    • Yes please, kingly bring here to our clinic in cape coast.

      123A Pedu Estate, Regional Hospital Road


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