The Story of a Cured Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Client in the UK

The Story of a Cured Client in the UK…The client prefers we hide the personal details but has consented we attach her lab report…

Firstly, I have to state my position that I do not have a financial interest in COA FS.

I have not been paid and will not be paid for this testimony. I have no other interest (financial or otherwise) in promoting COA. My testimony is for those, who like myself, have found themselves to be infected with an incurable ailment.

I tested positive for Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Type I almost 3 years ago.

Herpes is a sophisticated virus and hides in the nervous system away from the body’s immune system, so the immune system cannot get to it or attack it.

I knew there were no known ‘cures’ for HSV but only treatment available in terms of western medicine (antiviral). However, I searched frantically online for a cure as I could not accept my new status of being positive for a treatable but non-curable disease as I have always believed in the power of herbs.

I came across COA and initially travelled to Ghana to try the COA FS and took it for almost 100 days. I then had the treatment and was given treatment (via Intravenous) medicine twice with a 7-day break in between the doses.

HSV is not a blood disease and therefore, individuals who carry the virus can test negative (false negative) with a PCR blood test since the HSV is not always present in the blood as HSV lives in the nervous system.

The best test for HSV detection are IgG Antibody but only after 3 months after exposure and a PCR from a herpes sore (sore no more than 2 days old).

Without an active herpes episode, it was difficult to determine if the COA FS or treatment had worked. I waited about 15 months after the treatment to take an IgG antibody test and it came back negative.

I was initially skeptical about COA and the claims made of curing the incurable.

However, I took the chance and I have provided my first IgG test (positive) and my second IgG test (negative) as evidence that it does work.

Finally, the COA team (Doctors, Nurses, Lad Tech) were amazing, they treated me with kindness, respect, and dignity in a non-judgemental manner.



    • No specifics that I can share as I do not know the severity of it…I will advise you to begin with 5 bottles and study the improvement.

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