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The Centre of Awareness is a vibrant, social non – governmental organization established in Ghana. It is a selfless, non – political, non – secretarial organization which is to serve humanity irrespective of colour, race, and position, political or religious affiliations.

It was established in 1988 and was registered as an NGO in the year 2000 with the sole aim of bringing peace to humanity through the implementation of life changing programmes to help improve the welfare and well – being of beneficiaries. It is as a result of it welfare aim that, it has developed a drug that can help treat the deadly HIV/AIDS that has engulfed the very fabric depriving it of it peace and tranquility.


To see a peaceful nation and world free from ethnic and political conflict, political and social injustices, religious intolerance, terrorism, dictatorship, poverty, greed, corruption, immorality and disease.


The Centre of Awareness aims, is to form peace groups in all nations in the world and to link them up into an International Movement For Peace (IMFP). It will also work closely with political, religious, heath institutions and ethnic leaders to adopt and implement policies and programmes that will foster peace, unity and reconciliation among the people of this world and help address pertinent issues confronting peace.


The Centre of Awareness’s objectives are;

  • To form Peace movement in the nations of the world to help deal with the pertinent issues confronting peace and reconciliation.
  • To develop programmes that will help address the social injustices and issues confronting the well – being of humanity.
  • To research and develop a drug that can treat and in the long run cure the diseases that affects the well – being of humanity, such HIV/AIDS, the cancers and other deadly diseases.

All these objectives are geared toward the implementation of the overall vision of the organization, that is, help humanity attain peace which is the joy of God who is the backbone of The Centre of Awareness.


The Centre of Awareness believes that all men are equally created by God but differently classified in the way of living their lives, thus making discrimination unnecessary. The CENTRE firmly believes that people of this world must be involved in a new vision and should be given a new sense of direction in order to produce a positive change in attitude and perception about life.


The Centre of Awareness has other operational areas apart from its core mandate of promoting world PEACE and helping eliminating the vices militating against humanity.

The CORE mandate includes the following;

  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Reconciliation, Unity and Nation Building
  • Good Governance
  • Development and Production of a drug that will help treat and cure the deadly infectious diseases fighting against humanity.

The OTHER areas of operation that will help facilitate the achievement of total peace and well – being of humanity are as follows;

  • HIV/AIDS education and prevention
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Malaria education and prevention
  • Drug Abuse
  • Teenage Pregnancy and it related problems
  • The Cancers
  • Micro Finance
  • Sustainable Income Generating Projects
  • Capacity Building
  • Children Rights Issues
  • Women’s Rights Issues
  • Rights of the Disabled
  • General Rights Issues

All these areas of operation are geared toward the total liberation humanity which is the joy of the Almighty God.

To be able to implement all these, The Centre of Awareness adopts comprehensive advocacy strategies and general awareness creation based on their contributory factorial circumstances.


At the apex of the management structure of The Centre of Awareness is the Board of Directors. The Board provides general programme and policy guidelines and control for the management team. The board is made up of strong and dynamic personalities who have succeeded in their field of endeavors and are responsible to support and guide management initiatives. The members hold various qualifications and this really helps the organization in the implementation of it programmes and projects.

The Board’s representation is structured in a way so as to ensure that conflict of interest is avoided.

The Board of Directors is made of;

  1. Dr. Samuel Ato Duncan
    He is a researcher, social worker and alternative medicine practitioner. He is also the Executive President of the organization. Read more about him
  1. Ishmael Gillie Carson
  2. Sc. (Hons) London – He is a Solicitor and a barrister at Law with 20 years experience in legal issues. He is the organization’s director of Administration and Legal affairs.
  3. Magnus Ebo Duncan

BA (Hons), MSc (Econs), CPS (Siap, Tokyo) – He is a renowned statistician and economist and also the former Deputy Government Statistician at the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS). He is now one of the Directors at the Swiss Embassy in Ghana. He is the organization’s Director of Programmes.

  1. Akwasi Kumi – Kyereme

Lecturer, UCC, Cape Coast – He has been lecturer of Sociology for years at the University of Cape Coast. He is the organization’s Director of Research.

  1. Kwaku Kissa – Korsah

Lecturer, UCC, Cape Coast – He has been lecturer of Sociology for years at the University of Cape Coast. He is the organization’s Director of Youth Training.

  1. Holdbrook Smith- He is a medical Doctor by profession
  2. Tetteh Doku

Building Technician – He is someone with vase experience in Building Technology and other technical fields.

  1. Miss Docia Obosu- she is the secretary to the board.


  1. Cape Coast Metropolitan HIV/AIDS Youth Sensitization Programme.
  2. Training of 12 field workers and 120 teachers in the Cape Coast Metropolis on Sexually Transmitted Infections, Mode of Transmission of HIV, Stigmatization and Discrimination of AIDS patients and how to care for people living with HIV/AIDS, Condom Distribution.
  3. Formation of Virgins/Abstinence clubs in 68 1st Cycle Institutions in the Cape Coast Metropolis.
  4. Global Fund Malaria Eradication Programme in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District.
  5. Ghana AIDS Commission HIV/AIDS Sensitization and Eradication Programme in the Cape Coast Metropolis.
  6. Launching of the COA DRUG efficacy report by The Centre of Awareness and CSRPM in Accra.


  1. The Centre of Awareness is affiliated and has membership in so many organizations due to its credibility and ability to implement programmes and projects.

    They include;

    1. ANCER         –       Association of NGO’s in Central Region.
    2. GHANET –       Ghana HIV/AIDS Network
    3. NMCP –      National Malaria Control Programme
    4. GCNM –       Ghana Coalition of NGOs In Malaria


    1. Central Regional Coordinating Council(RCC)         –       Cape Coast
    2. Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research(NMIMR) –       Accra
    3. Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine(CSRPM) –       Akuapem-


    1. National Population Council –       Cape Coast
    2. Regional Directorate of Education(GES) –       Cape Coast
    3. Ghana Statistical Service(GSS)         –       Cape Coast
    4. Ghana Health Service(GHS), Metropolitan and Regional –       Cape Coast
    5. National Association for Local Authorities of Ghana(NALAG) –       Accra
    6. Central Regional Hospital                                                 –       Cape Coast
    7. University of Cape Coast –       Cape Coast
    8. Food and Drugs Authority –       Accra
    9. Global Fund –       Accra
    10. National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) –       Accra       

    The Centre of Awareness collaborates with these departments and agencies in the implementation of it projects and programmes to better the lots of the people in the project catchment areas.